In 2010, AUSOME FAMILY founder Lisa Moss created www.AusomeMom.com* in order to connect with other autism families and share resources, support, hopes and fears as she couldn't find an on-line place do so. She wanted to better help her son, Garrett, and to remind people that children on the spectrum are, in their own unique and amazing ways, truly awesome! Autism + Awesome = AUSOME! 

Assisted by an Advisory Board made up of AUSOME MOMS, AUSOME DADS  and local professionals, AUSOME MOM has evolved into AUSOME FAMILY! Through our on-line Resource Directory, we highlight individuals, groups, organizations and/or ideas that strive to raise awareness, inspire acceptance and/or improve the quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum.

If you know of an AUSOME product or service provider, please let us know here and we'll add them to our on-line community for FREE! Additional advertising opportunities available here.


* An AUSOME MOM is a mother who loves their child for who they are, a detective who has looked autism in the eye and said, “I’m on to you!”, a self-taught health care practitioner striving to provide a healthy diet and environment, a cheerleader who shouts “YES!” at the tiniest of accomplishments, a soldier who threatens “Watch your back, autism!” and so much more!

What's up with the fleur-de-lis?

The fleur-de-lis design is based on the lily, which represents purity. No matter how autism touches our lives, it can never diminish the purity or beauty of our children.