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Autism Music by Theresa Griffith

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Theresa Griffith has devoted her life to bringing relief to people. She is known all over the world for her musical work in the areas of Autism, ADHD, Pain and Stress Management, Insomnia, Massage Therapy, Hospice and Birthing. Her main focus these days is in bringing relief to families affected by Autism. 

How often does your child hear their name spoken in a harsh tone? How often is their name used in conjunction with correction or reprimand as opposed to words of love and encouragement? In 1998 Theresa recorded a CD called Utopia for use with ADD/ADHD and the results were phenomenal. She recorded it at 60 beats per minute (bpm) which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, thereby bringing slower and deeper breathing patterns and a peaceful calming effect which facilitates sleep as well as the ability to focus and learn. The result of enhanced brain function through music is known as the Mozart effect. Now Theresa takes her new Autism CD a giant step further by recording at 55bpm and including personalized lyrics designed to touch the child's emotional well being by bringing healing to the perceptions of who they are and confirming over and over within their personal song that they are not only okay, they are unique, accepted and special.

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Special Music, Inc. is a center-based program that has been providing pediatric neurologic music therapy services for children with special needs since 2001. Beth Wiskus, MA, MT-BC, NMT Fellow leads the neurologic music therapy sessions.

Guided by core values of integrity, honesty and respect, it is our mission at Special Music, Inc., to provide quality neurologic music therapy services for children and youth with autism, neurologic impairments, and developmental disabilities as well as to provide support for families and community members to ensure that these children achieve their highest potential.