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Cozy Calm Weighted Blankets
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Eileen, founder of Cozy Calm and designer of the Cozy Calm weighted blanket designed a weighted blanket for herself because she has autism and Sensory Processing Disorder:


"Other blankets did not work for me and I would not use them, so I designed my own.  After seven prototypes, I was thrilled to have the perfect weighted blanket.

Others loved them so we made more.  Now, it has turned into a full-fledged business, and I am so excited about this. Cozy Calm and my weighted blankets feel right to me.  I'm giving to others in a way that makes people with autism and/or sensory processing disorder feel good and sleep better.  And, I am doing my small part for the autism community.I hope you enjoy your Cozy Calm weighted blanket."


P.S.  As a mother of two, I made sure that they are machine wash and dry.